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What is Digital Fabrication?
Posted by 3DP4E

By 3DP4E

We've decided to put together a compilation of recommendations for beginners to use in order to understand what exactly "Digital Fabrication" is and how to approach it. Enjoy!

3DP4E Recommends:

Digital Fabrication for Beginners:

· A great video tutorial series on learning the basics of laser cutting, vinyl cutting, and using ZCorp Printers. There arepretty good, if not slightly out of date, tutorials for plug and play RepRapPrinters.

· A Makerspace Starter Kit from includes welcomeinstructions and some great information about starting your own makerspace inyour school or community.

· A great answer from OpenDesk to the basic question: What is Digital Fabrication?

Digital Fabrication For Kids:

· The City X Project is an international educationalworkshop for 8-12 year-old students that teaches creative problem solving using3D printing technologies and the design process.

· The San Francisco Fab Lab isdesigning a program called, "Digital Fabrication for Kids".They are teaching kids to scan objects and use 3D Printers! Sounds like a greatwork in progress


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