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Free 3D Modeling Software
Posted by 3DP4E

Free 3D Modeling Software

These are some of our favorite 3D Modeling Software -
and they are all FREE!

123D Design- Autodesk downloadable software offers great basic 3D modeling capability.

123D Catch- Turn ordinary photos into extraordinary 3D models.

123D Sculpt- Push, pull, pinch, paint, smooth, grab, tug. More fun
than a Renaissance studio, cleaner than a box of mud. Available as a free download for iPad.

3DMTP- Innovative and automated solution which enables 3D printing of every model by 3D printers.

Art of Illusion- Open source multiplatform 3D modeling tool.

Blender- The most widely used Open Source 3D modeling
tool,but beware, it has a steep learning curve.

Customizer- A simple way to make customized 3D Things that
you can share, download and print.

Double Fractal- Easily creates high complex fractal images. Includes 3D prototypes.

FreeCAD- Comprehensive, but experimental open source CAD tool offering 2D, 3D and scripting.

Insight 3dng- Insight3dng is a fork of Insight3d. You can create 3D models from photos.

K-3D- Open source multiplatform 3D modeling tool.

MeshLab- A very useful Open Source multiplatform Mesh management tool. Fix broken models!

MeshMixer- A 3D tool permits drag and drop recombinations of and repairs of STL files.

MiniMagics- Free .STL file view and repair tool (Windows), includes English, German and Japanese versions.

NetFabb- Commercial product focusing on preparing models for 3D printing (Free Basic version available).

OpenSCAD- An open source CAD program; uses a programmatic interface, not a visual interface, typically used for designing mechanical or engineering parts.

Sculptris- Free Windows-based free-form 3D modeling tool.

SketchUp- Another widely used multiplatform 3D tool; it is easy to learn but the free version has limitations.

Tinkercad- Online 3D modeling tool with some interesting capabilities.

Free Modeling Software
Brad Chapman
over 3 years

I love this! Great resource for people trying to get into 3D Printing! Great work guys!

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Posted on April 11, 2014

By Staff | 3D Printing Industry

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Posted on July 3, 2014

There are some amazing and informative books out there based on 3D printing. Download the page below and click on the links