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3D Printing 4 Kids Resources
Posted by 3DP4E

Resources that are focused on getting kids involved in the magical world of 3D printing.

Blokify – Simplified block based modeling software app. Easy to use and gives the ability to print from the app to your home printer or to their printing service.

Doodle 3D - A sketching tool that takes 2D drawings and makes them 3D printable.

Draw in 3D – A fantastic 3D doodling app that gets you up and running in minutes. Simple, fun and intuitive.

Einstein’s Workshop - A children focused group dedicated to the exploration of science, technology and invention. They offer various classes on CAD and 3D design and are working on a modeling program for kids called BlockSCAD.

Kids Creation Station – Upload a child’s drawing and have it modeled, 3D printed in full color and mailed to you in a diorama box. A very cool gift to give.

Leo the Maker Prince – A fun story for kids to learn about 3D printing.

Leopoly – A browser based beginners modeling tool featuring specialized “apps” for various basic 3D design projects.

Make.Digital – 3D Systems educational initiative providing educational kids and curriculums for 3D printing novices of all ages.

Pottery - A fun app where you can easily make pottery and then have it 3D printed.

Tinkercad – This simple yet powerful 3D modeling tool available for download or in your browser is a great place to start learning 3D concepts for kids or adults.

TINKERPLAY – A free app from Autodesk that allows 3D printable character design through a mobile application.

3D Printing 4 Kids Resources

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