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Into the 3rd Dimension: 3D Printing for the Young Artist
Posted by 3DP4E

Into the 3rd Dimension
Into the 3rd Dimension, a collaboration between 3DP4E (3D Printing for Everyone) and CMA (Children's Museum of the Arts), features works from CMA’s permanent collection alongside a 3D-printed element or detail from each selection. This juxtaposition of the two-dimensional works with the three-dimensional replications encourages the viewer to compare and contrast the two forms.
In addition, a brief educational film showing the steps taken to turn a 2D-drawing into a 3D-printed object will be shown, allowing visitors to learn more about the process and unique quality of the 3D printing process.

In order to make the pieces for the exhibit, 3DP4E had an element of the children's art 3D modeled in Zbrush, and printed in full color sandstone. The 3D printed element is then placed in a diorama with the original art, sans the 3D printed part, as the background, making it look as if the art is popping out of the page and into the real world.

CMA is delighted to partner with 3DP4E
“CMA is delighted to partner with 3DP4E to draw attention to new techniques in artmaking,” said CMA Executive Director Barbara Hunt McLanahan. “The Museum is very proud of our permanent collection of over 2,000 pieces of children’s art from around the world, and we are always looking for new ways to encourage visitors to really look at and engage with these works. This exhibition showcases our collection while introducing children, their parents and caregivers to a new art making technique -- 3D modeling and 3D printing.”

Why this exhibit - from 3DP4E
We believe that art and technology are intrinsically linked, and as new technology is invented and pushed to the vanguard of culture, artists are the people who test the limits and break new ground, discovering how to best use modern technologies to communicate to the most human elements of ourselves.
By merging CMA and 3D Printing we believe we can introduce the technology to the generation who will end up making the most of it and turn them into native enterepenurs and fabricators.

Why we’re partnering with CMA
“3DP4E is about nurturing and expressing creativity and this exhibition presents a fantastic conduit for that. This partnership with CMA—arguably the city’s leading expert in engaging children through artistic endeavor and expression–will empower children and students through design and technology,” said Ron Rose, CEO and founder of 3DP4E. “We provide the technology, CMA makes it fun and educational. We are thrilled to help bring this exciting project to fruition.”

To Learn More About 3D Printing Watch the Videos Below

The exhibit has been generated a great deal of excitement and interest in 3D Printing Technology. CMA has extended the exhibit through February 28th 2015
CMA conducted a special children’s workshop entitled: “Experimenting with Dimension” in which visitors took part in a drawing workshop led by a CMA Teaching Artist. Twenty drawings have been selected via raffle to be transformed into a 3d printed sculptures. 3DP4E & CMA will be presenting the winners with their 3D printed sculptures at the exhibit’s closing party on Feb. 26th, 4 -6pm.
Children's Museum of the Arts is located on 103 Charlton St. in New York City.

To learn more about the exhibit and workshops visit the Children's Museum of the Arts website.

Learn More About 3DP4E Here


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