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Who Is the "Zuckerberg of 3D Printing" ?
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

Online 3D models marketplace CGTrader is no stranger to the design competition, previously hosting the 3D printed meme contest earlier this year.
Their new design challenge aims a bit loftier, with them hoping to find the “Zuckerberg of 3D Printing” through their 3D Printing Kids Challenge.

This new challenge is meant to further introduce and inspire younglings with their tiny toes already in the water of 3D modeling and printing into inventing something truly game-changing. Starting August 22 through November 20, children under 14 can enter their 3D printable model that improves their home life, school life, or leisure time.

Marius Kalytis, CEO of, explains the motivation for the contest,“We believe that using 3D printing to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds has a transformative impact on young children, who are at their most creative stage of development at this age. Our aim was to create a project for young aspiring 3D designers to connect and compete with their peers, create and share their ideas. The 3D Printing Kids Challenge is designed to facilitate that.”

The creator of the 1st place design will receive a BEETHEFIRST 3D printer from BEEVERYCREATIVE, a Tinkercad pack including Autodesk Imagine & Design software and a Create book by Autodesk amongst other things, Leo the Maker Prince written by Carla Diana, a model of the winner’s choice made by 3D Print UK, and a tutorial and various gifts from Blokify. The winner of best portfolio will get all of the above minus the printer, but with an additional $100 towards purchases from EA Games.

h/t to 3D Printing Industry


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