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UK High School Students Get High Marks for Their Amazing 3D Printed Lamps
Posted by 3DP4E

By Scott J. Greenwald | 3D Printing Industry

A group of final year students at Ladybridge High Schoolrecently showed off 3D printed lamps of their own design at the schools annual Arts, Products and Textiles exhibition and their imaginative work is simply spectacular.

As part of their final grades, students worked with the school’s head of product design Phil Cotton to design, develop and prototype a working lamp. Cotton has been working closely with his students to develop the skills necessary to complete their projects by offering instructions in 3D CAD, 3D design and the basics of preparing 3D designs for printing, and he was recently awarded a major 3D Printing Industry award for his efforts.

Phil Cotton was the winner of 3D Printshow 2013’s Educational Excellence Award and he was the first teacher to be nominated for, much less win a major industry award for education.

“The thought and technical process of some designs are some of the best I have ever seen. Pupils came with their parents to the exhibition, and seeing their work exhibited like this makes them really proud.” Cotton continued “It is also good for parents because children don’t always tell them about the work they do at school and this gives them a chance to see it — and the parents are really proud.”

The 3D printed lamps were received very well by everyone who visited the exhibit, garnering praise from other students, family and several other teachers, but the highest praise came from Cotton himself in the form of high grades. Cotton awarded some of the highest marks in his career to several of the student designs, even calling the work outstanding.

Based on what we’ve seen, I’m inclined to agree with him. I know that I would certainly want a few of those lamps in my home. Someone should tell these guys that they have a large, untapped pool of 3D lighting designers just waiting to be discovered over in Bolton, UK.


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