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This 3D Printed Column Can Withstand an Earthquake
Posted by 3DP4E

By Jelmer Luimstra | 3D Printing

A California-based company claims it created a column that can withstand an earthquake without being damaged. The company, called Emerging Objects used 3D printing technology to create this pillar, and the structure is the essence of its strength. The pillar was 3D printed in different parts, and each part is hollow, therefore creating a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Creating an object that was earthquare-resistant was not the initial plan of the team, but they found out that the column was that strong after a material exploration. The team used a quite unique set of materials, consisting of sawdust, salt as well as pulverized bone. These materials turned out to be very useful for creating architectural works.

Their project goes by the name ‘Quake Column’, and the actual column has a very detailed structure. It even looks a bit like DNA. Well, who knows if this kind of construction work could be the DNA for tomorrow’s architectural masterpieces. By printing these object in different pieces, it’s easier for architects to create a 3D printed statue or column. It enables them to use smaller printers. However, it’s also possible to 3D print an entire house with just one print. A Slovenian company called BetAbram has created three types of house printers.

Emerging Objects occasionally creates more 3D objects, such as the Walnut Screen, which was made from hardwood sawdust. This can be seen as a piece of art, made from waste, but turned into something great to look at. It is part of a series of panels.


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