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Shapeways teams up with Google to inspire girls to code & 3D print bracelets
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By Staff | 3ders

Shapeways announced its collaboration with Google on its new Made with Code initiative to inspire millions of girls to code and create.

Made with Code offers fun and simple projects aimed at helping girls take the first step in learning how to code. The premier project of the initiative is a coding project based on Blockly, Google's visual programming editor, in which girls can create a custom bracelet that Shapeways will 3D print in its New York City factory using EOS printers.

How to creating a Made with Code 3D printed bracelet?

  1. You code it: To create a bracelet, girls ages 13-18 should visit madewithcode and select "Code a Bracelet" from the Projects tab. From there, they can use the Blockly programming language to set the width, diameter, color, and message of your bracelet.
  1. You order it: Once the design is complete, choose 'Print Free w/ Shapeways'. Verify your U.S. mailing address. Confirm your order.

  2. The bracelet's digital file will be automatically uploaded to for 3D printing. A limited amount of bracelets will be available for free from Google, and then anyone can order more bracelets by downloading the digital file from Made with Code and uploading it to Shapeways.

The Made with Code bracelets are 3D printed in Shapeways' high-quality nylon plastic on 3D printers from the German printer manufacturer, EOS, which is providing extra P760 SLS 3D printers to support the initiative.

"Coding gives you the power to create and invent things that could help millions of people with your ideas; sadly we've seen that bias and stereotypes are keeping most teenage girls from expressing interest in learning to code. We're launching Made with Code to inspire millions of girls to experience the power of coding and to see it as a way to have fun and achieve their dreams." - Megan Smith, Vice President, Google[x].

The bracelet project is built on top of the Shapeways API, which enables developers to make apps that make products. The Made with Code and Shapeways bracelet project is a way for girls to gain a deeper understanding of the ways technology is connected to everything around them.

Check out the video below iJustine gives a quick tour of the coding project, and Lauren from Shapeways shows you how it is 3D printed.


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