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Print 3D Models using supports with Confidence
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

Phil Newman, founder of 3D 2.0 vocalizes a hard, but little realized problem with 3D Printing, "Until you own a 3D printer, what you don’t realize is that removing supports and getting rid of printing errors can be frustrating and time-consuming."

To combat the problem of removing supports and fixing small errors, Phil launched a kickstarter for the Retouch3D, the world's first 3D Print Finishing tool. A cross between a soldering iron, heated wax tools, blow torch, and powered grinder; the Retouch3D uses the same heat that brings so many 3D Prints to life in order to remove unwanted blemishes.

The Retouch3D was designed to be ergonomic and intuitive to use, with adjustable heat settings to work with a variety of the standard 3D printing materials, like ABS, PLA, resin, and wax; and five inter-changeable heads for different jobs:

Macro remover tip – removes large supports, brims, and rafts from your 3D print.

Macro refiner tip – refines larger layer imperfections such as layer blobs, overhangs, and stringing (the sticky-out bits that everyone hates!).

Micro refiner tip – refines small, detailed and curved layer imperfections.

Micro remover tip – removes smaller, close-in support material.

Blender tip – blends the surface of your 3D print where blobs and imperfections have occurred.

While a lot of companies focus on improving the 3D Printer, 3D 2.0 seems to be one of the first thinking about making the post-print process easier for makers. The Retouch3D is shaping up to be a must-have accessory to any 3D printer, and I'm sure clever makers will find even further uses for this versatile tool.

If you're interested in getting your hands on one of these nifty gadgets, you can support their kickstarter, and pledge $149 to get an early bird discount, or $399 for a beta test unit, and get yours before anyone else.


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