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Organovo's 3D Printed Liver Successfully Detects Poison
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

Organovo, one of the leaders in 3D Printed organs and tissues reported their quarterly earnings last week which revealed one very cool benchmark showing how far the technology has come.

Organovo has been working with a major pharmaceutical company, and have proven that their 3D printed liver tissue can determine if drugs are toxic to the human liver. The drug had previously been deemed safe through animal, pre-clinical, and in-vitro testing; and the toxicity was only caught when tested with Organovo's liver. Detection of the poison saved the company a significant amount of money, and the welfare of anyone who might have used the drug had it slipped through.

“Organovo met a key challenge in this recent quarter,” Chairman and CEO Keith Murphy said. “While we knew our liver tissue showed metabolic activity and basic toxicology results comparable to native tissue, we had to ask the question: could it be predictive of drug problems where other methods have failed? These results demonstrate clearly for the first time that our tissue has been able to detect drug-induced liver injury that other methods in the past failed to predict. With this data in hand, we are continuing to push progress in the commercialization of our 3D Liver Tissue. We remain on track for commercial release of our 3D Human Liver Tissue later this calendar year.”


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Posted on November 19, 2014

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