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Noa Raviv's New Collection Uses 3D Printed Materials
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv has integrated 3D-printed elements into her new collection influenced by distorted digital drawings.

"While working on a 3D software I was fascinated by the grid shown on the 2D screen and by the way black repetitive lines defines voluminous objects," Noa told Dezeen, "I've translated those lines into textiles that creates this sort of optical illusion."

Along with the 3D-printed pieces, Raviv used tulle and silk organza fabrics in black, white and sheer tones. She "[C]hose the materials that had the most innovative look and the ones that I thought would best fit."

The designer was also inspired by broken Greek and Roman marble sculptures, "[W]hich were the point of departure for creating the collection," she said, "Those sculptures are rarely found unbroken, thus the shapes and patterns of the collection are mostly non symmetrical and has a sort of distorted or fractured look."

Personally, I look at this collection and just see a series of unsolvable CAPTCHAs, but I'm a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy anyway. However, if you're more artsy than I am, and can appreciate fashion, check out the full collection on Noa Reviv's site.


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