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New 3D Hubs Trend Report is 3D Printing's State of the Union
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

3D Hubs' latest trend report is out, and once again gives us great insight into the state of 3D Printing world-wide. The biggest insight- that distributed manufacturing is growing faster than predicted.

The survey consists of 6,377 3D printers installed globally at week 67 of 3D Hubs’s history, which, compared to the 290 registered 3D printers on week 10 last year, represents a 2100% growth.

Among some of the insights gained are that the professional Projet 660 and Zcorp printers have overtaken the desktop Form 1 as the highest rated printers; although the most popular continue to be Makerbot's Replicator 2, and the Ultimakers 1 and 2.

Scale Models continue to hold the top spot in average order value by print category, while both Art/Fashion, and Gadget have dropped in average price considerably. Prototyping and DIY also continue to be the most popular categories, splitting over 53% of use.

As for who's printing, Milan holds the top spot as the city with the most registered printers, but New York City is only 1 printer behind, with almost 10% higher growth.

More insights and some very sleek info graphics can be found on 3D Hubs, and we highly recommend checking them out.


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