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Introducing Aha3D’s ProtoCentre 1M 3D Printer – Including interview CEO Mr. Aakash
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By Robert Dehue | 3D Printing

Aha3D Innovations, a 3D printing pioneer from India is launching the ProtoCentre 1M, their flagship industrial 3D printer at the International Event “PlastIndia 2015″. This 3D printer is the first in its class and can build objects up to 1 meter in hight. Its water cooled quad-extruder print head ensures that the right tool is used for the right job, resulting in up to 60% reduction in time while maintaining the overall surface finish quality and accuracy.

The Aha 3D Innovations printer’s distinguishing feature is PrintProtect(TM). In a nutshell, the machines have cutting-edge features to ensure that your prints never fail. It takes care of filament running empty, filament jams, and even power outages. If power fails during a print job, the print resumes from the exact same position when the power is restored. In addition, the operator can manually resume the print job from any Z position, even after an emergency stop.

The machine catches potential problems before they happen. Its intelligent diagnostics software reminds the user of periodic maintenance tasks, and regularly checks all functions of the machine thoroughly to consistently ensure the best output from the machine. In addition, all the standard interfaces like touch screen, WiFi, remote monitoring come standard with the ProtoCentre 1M.

The real difference that Aha3D team is able to create, is bringing the machine on the market for a very affordable price compared to what it can offer. The runtime costs are also very low when compared to conventional 3D printers.

Thus, the ProtoCentre 1M is filling the gap in the industry for affordable production-grade 3D printing systems. It will enable small to medium enterprises to include 3D printing in their large volume-prototyping and production workflow. So, this printer promises a change in the industrial landscape.

Looking at their track record, Aha3D has been doing innovative work within the Indian 3D printing landscape. Going forward, the company is poised to continuously address the 3DP industry in a fundamental way by means of research and development, and work in close collaboration with several prestigious Indian institutes for research and development in this field.

You can order the ProtoCentre 1M now and receive your delivery in first quarter ’15-16. If you are interested in catching a glimpse, head over to Gandhinagar, Gujarat from 5th to 10th Feb, Hall 7, booth C-20 at the PlastIndia 2015 (that be if you are in the neighborhood).

Interview with CEO Mr. AakashWhere do you position ProtoCentre 1M in the current market place?

The 1M is developed after looking at the current as well as future of the 3d printing revolution. In the market segment of production grade FFF 3D printers, there is a shortage of options. Segments like automobile, OEMs, tool shops, machinery and designers didn’t have a viable option so far. The cost viability remains a challenge. Skilled manpower to maintain the machines is also a concern.
Aha’s 1M addresses this scenario by making it affordable, as well as introducing innovative features like PrintProtect (TM), and offering remote support. We solve and prevent issues by providing remote monitoring and onsite support.

What kind of after sales support do you provide?

The machine has self-diagnostics and preventive monitoring, which enables us at HQ to detect the problems before they become a cause of concern for the customer. We provide live tutorials via video conference, on-site warranty, and we respond to self-diagnostic messages from the machine.

What is the Capex and Opex of 1M?

The machine retails for USD 55,000 and the materials costs $25 per kg. The machine doesn’t lock you with a particular material.

What kind of materials does the 1M support?

ABS, PC, ABS-PC, HIPS,PLA (testing in progress for these and other materials)

What is the future vision and product roadmap of Aha3D?

At the moment we are developing a multi material 3D printer, capable of 3d prints using composites. This will create a new wave in production grade 3D printing. There are other technologies in development, which we’ll share wih you shortly. Stay tuned!

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