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Impatient Moms Don't Have to Wait 9 Months for a 3D Replica of their Fetus
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By 3DP4E

Most of us have had some experience with one of those fuzzy ultra-sound scans of an unborn child; either of our own children, our own fetus, or from an overly enthusiastic couple wanting to show off their accomplishment. Those scans have actually become a lot clearer in recent years, and are even available as 3D images.

The brainchild of American couple Gerard and Katie Bessette, 3D Babies, siding with impatient parents all over the world have started 3D printing these ultra-sound images so parents can see their offspring without waiting the requisite 9 months.

“As parents, we know how to feel love for a developing child. Using technology, we capture a parent’s loving feelings and excitement about the coming birth. We want all parents to feel the joy that we and our customers experience and prolong it, using this combination of science and emotion,” the couple explained on their website.

3D Babies takes the 3D and 4D ultrasound images of a foetus, and 3D prints an exact replica of the baby-to-be. The replicas come in a variety of sizes, skin tones, and poses. The figurine is then placed on a satin bed, with extras such as diapers, before delivery.

For best results, they recommend sending ultrasound from between weeks 23-32 of gestation. Interested couples need to provide 1 to 5 images of their baby, including a portrait and side view. This provides the greatest detail and enables 3D Babies to accurately capture the foetus in 3D sculpture. There is no hair on the figurines, unless it is visible on the newborn photo, and parents should expect the eyes to be closed in the final product. All figurines will be marked with a heart symbol on the back.

3D babies don't come cheap, with miniatures starting at $200, half sizes at $250 and life sizes at $550. Miniatures are around 2 inches from crown to rump, whilst the half size measures 4 inches, and the full size is 8 inches.

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Posted on February 27, 2015

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