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High school kids solve wet ketchup problem with 3D-printed cap
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You know, if you take a not-often-used squirt bottle of either ketchup or mustard, on the first squeeze you often get a dribble of water or messy separated liquid. That's annoying. Thankfully Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson (18), two high school seniors from Liberty, Mo. has come up with a solution to watery Ketchup: a new cap created using CAD software and a 3D printer.

As students in the Project Lead the Way program at North Liberty High School, Richards and Thompson have spent a lot of time thinking about ketchup.

Project Lead the Way is a national education project that aims to take a hands-on and project-based approach to STEM education and bring students closer to technology. Richards and Thompson spent a week sketching up their ideas in notebooks, then used what they learned in the program to design it with CAD software before sending the file to a 3D printer. They used the Stratasys Mojo desktop 3D printer from the school to print out the final model. The mushroom-shaped 3D printed cap forced the ketchup away from the cap and into a little basin at its center. Then the water sits there and the ketchup comes out.

Local news station Fox4 in Kansas City reports that their teacher initially didn't approve their idea, but Richards and Thompson collected surveys and research to back up their theory and finally convinced him. Tyler and Jonathan are looking into getting a provisional patent for their invention. They're hoping it goes from a school project to something profitable or business venture, according to Fox4.

Their market research has indicated that this 3D printed mushroom cap could be made for 22.6 cents, and that consumers might be willing to buy it for $3. Check out a video interview below:


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