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Florida's new Polytechnic University Opens with MakerBot RAD Lab
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

In a grand inauguration ceremony this past weekend, Florida's new Polytechnic University was introduced to the world. The university's movable, 162,000 sq foot Innovation, Science, and Technology Building, designed by Dr. Santiago Calatrava includes the school's RAD lab and Makerbot Innovation Center. The lab has over 55 Makerbot printers and scanners.

FPU's Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Tom Hull, said of the lab, “Having a RAD Makerspace on campus is providing the students, who will shape the future, with the technology they need to succeed today. 3D printing has many possible applications in various fields, and our RAD Makerspace will inspire students as they explore, discover, innovate and create. Florida Poly encourages research applicable to the real world, and 3D printing is at the center of the product iteration and technological innovation process. We are hoping that students will be attracted to Florida Poly in part because of our RAD Makerspace along with our modern, integrated curriculum.”

FPU focuses entirely on STEM education, with emphasis on applied learning, business leadership, applied research, and problem solving. The school offers six undergraduate degree programs, 19 majors, and two masters degree programs in the College of Engineering and the College of Innovation and Technology. The school's first class of 500 begins next week.


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