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Fire & Bone is back again with wearable miniature dinosaur and dire wolf skulls
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By Staff | 3Ders

Sep 11, 2014

Fire & Bone, a popular project that launched on Kickstarter last year to a huge response from nature lovers and geeks of all kinds, is back with a new set of digitally miniaturized real animal skulls.

Taking full advantage of exciting new technologies, like 3D scanning and 3D printing, Fire & Bone team create incredibly accurate miniature skull replicas that are highly detailed and faithful to nature's design. Beautiful as pendants or collector's items for display, each skull is available in White Bronze, Yellow Bronze, or Sterling Silver, and come with a chain and a display stand.

Fire & Bone skulls are the first of their kind in the jewelry and collectibles world. Each Fire & Bone piece starts with a real animal skull, which is 3D scanned at a very high resolution. The full-size digital file is then carefully miniaturized on the computer, retaining an unprecedented amount of the original natural detail. The miniaturized skull is then 3D printed in very high resolution in wax. Finally, the Fire & Bone skull pendant and collectible is cast in bronze or silver, using a centuries-old lost-wax casting technique.

The first Fire & Bone campaign closed in January of this year and raised more than $25,000 from 454 backers. Fire & Bone co-founder Matt Kroner said, "People tell us all the time on social media or email that they wear their Fire & Bone skull almost every day. Because our pieces come from real skulls, you feel very connected to the animal. It's a really special feeling." The team is also really proud that they fulfilled all of their campaign promises on time.

What's New in This Campaign?
For their second campaign, the Fire & Bone team has made some improvements in their production process to retain even more natural detail than before. "Anyone who has seen our original skulls will be amazed that the new ones look even better. We've adjusted our polishing technique so you can appreciate even more of the animal's teeth, horns, cranial structure, etc.," noted Fire & Bone co-founder Jason Bakutis.

"It was really important to us to listen to what our fans wanted," said Fire & Bone co-founder Chris Boynton. "They really wanted a dinosaur, and we did too, so we spent a lot of time finding the perfect skull."

There are 7 all new skulls in the new collection, including a Dire Wolf, two additional bird species, a primate, a pair of cuff links, and their very first dinosaur, the beautiful and terrifying Velociraptor.

The 7 new skulls are from these cool animals:

The Dire Wolf was made famous by the TV show Game of Thrones, and the A Song of Ice and Fire book series. "Most people don't realize that the Dire Wolf was a real animal, and will be excited to find out they can now own a mini replica of its skull, including an articulated lower jaw!" noted the team.

In addition to seven new specimens, the very popular Gray Wolf skull from the original series has also been turned into a set of cufflinks.

"Each skull is cast using traditional techniques, so Fire & Bone is both cutting edge and ancient; a modern twist on a timeless fascination with the animal world, perfect for the modern collector. And when you're wearing a Fire & Bone piece, you carry the spirit of the animal around with you." the company wrote.

The campaign will run for a total of 35 days beginning Wednesday, September 10, 2014. You can order yours here with a price starting at $25.


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