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Engineer Wants to 3D Print Stonehenge
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By Jelmer Luimstra | 3D Printing

WinSun’s 3D printed 6-story apartment and villa amazed the technical world last month, and all eyes are on this segment of 3D printing technology. If we’re talking about 3D printed houses, then Andrey Rudenko is a name worth mentioning. This engineer made the news last year with a self-made castle, which he made using 3D printing technology. This man has great aims, as it seems. He is currently working on a printer able to print houses on the moon, using moon dust and he also aims to 3D print a complete village, dedicated to 3D printing research. His newest plan? 3D printing replicas of ancient relics.

More specifically, he wants to create replications of underwater artifacts and relics. Not just small objects such as jewelry and pottery, but he is talking about printing large buildings and arches. The only problem is that there aren’t many photos of those artifacts out there, and therefore he is currently asking the public for help. He wants to know whether someone has any idea how to get more pictures of those underwater artifacts, and if there are people out there who can create 3D models of underwater artifacts and relics.

In addition, he thinks he is also capable of 3D printing replicas of other classical scenes, such as Stonehenge. But are those stones not too heavy to be lifted? Rudenko does not think so, as he says special 3D printing techniques (shells) could enable him to print them in a form less heavy than the Stonehenge rocks we all know. What would be the benefit of printing Stonehenge, by the way? Well, the fact that you can’t easily touch the real Stonehenge rocks and that most of the time you can only look at them from a distance, as it is cultural heritage. A 3D printed version would be touchable.

So how come Rudenko is able to print all of this? Well, he owns a 200,000 dollar 3D printer, with which he also printed his mini castle back in August last year. For his project of 3D printed moon houses, he is currently working on another 3D printer. And why does he want to create 3D printed houses on the moon?Rudenko wants to create housing for future astronauts. However, he wants to work together with NASA, but NASA says they are currently not working on any houding projects on the moon. Well, ‘to be continued’ is a phrase which fits more than perfectly for the story of Andrey Rudenko.

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