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e-Nable Conference Gets 3D Printed Prosthetics into the Hands of Professionals
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

e-Nable, a volunteer online community that designs and donates inexpensive 3D printed prosthetics, is holding their first conference at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on September 28th.

e-Nable was inspired by Ivan Owen and his open-source 3D printed hand, and have it as their mission to bring 3D printed prosthetics to anyone in need of them. As part of this mission, the conference aims to introduce prosthetists to 3D printing and the e-Nable community, and show them their designs and how to build them.

At the conference, e-Nable will also unveil their new e-NABLE 2.0 hand, developed by Ivan Owen, Peter Binkley and Frankie Flood; and donate prosthetics to disabled children in attendance.

A full schedule of the conference, and tickets, can be found here.


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