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Build Your Own Miniature 3D-Printed Fantasy City
Posted by 3DP4E

By Janet Burns | PSFK

Toy monsters will soon need to up their anatomical correctness game so as to be taken seriously while smashing small cities to bits. Thanks to a keen-eyed design store, miniature replicas of architectural masterpieces are hitting the market, and in minute detail.

Ittyblox allows architecture fans to own scale replicas of landmark structures and skylines with its range of 3D-printed, 1:1000 scale models. Customers can currently choose from a number of (mini-monster) bite-sized buildings and sets. Being released at a rate of one per week, all replicas are modeled after or inspired by New York, Miami, London, and Chicago architecture.

Using Ittyblox base plates, owners can mix and match the custom-printed buildings to assemble familiar neighborhoods or even create urban mash-ups. Modelers can also opt to create night scenes with their tiny city-scapes by outfitting clocks with a printed circuit board and LED lights, as Ittyblox explains step by step.

Ittblox’s design team notes that, “because a single design doesn’t have to be sold over a thousand times, there is much more room for a large diversity in buildings;” customers can therefore choose from customization options for their made-to-order art deco hotels, skyscrapers, houses, and other buildings (and determine whether the windows of their Chicago office tower should be open or shut).

Would-be giants can browse for buildings in Ittyblox’s store on Shapeways, which offers made-to-order, 3D-printed objects from a variety of independent designers. The company, headquartered in New York and the Netherlands, allows designers to have their products printed and textured with a variety of materials, and is “a spin-out of the lifestyle incubator” of Royal Philips Electronics.

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Posted on October 13, 2015