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Amanda Ghassaei Puts a 3D Twist on Phototgraphy
Posted by 3DP4E

By Noah W. | 3DP4E

Artist Amanda Ghassaei has found a way to take a 3D photograph you can hang on a wall, and they look stunning.

Ghassaei starts with a greyscale photograph, and converts each individual pixel into a 3-dimensional voxel that is raised based on the degree of darkness. Lighter pixels are barely raised at all, while darker ones become quite thick.

“These 3D models were generated algorithmically from processing using the ModelBuilder library byMarius Watz. This library allows you to save 3D geometries in the STL file format, STL files that form a watertight mesh can be printed by a 3D printer,” explained Ghassaei.

Ghassaei then uses a Stratasys Objet Connex500 3D printer to print the 3D replicas of the photos, using a rigid, semitransparent white material. When light passes through the prints, it does so more easily through those thin sections of material, while becoming blocked in the thicker parts, making them darker.

“These prints may be indecipherable when viewed from the side, but when backlit with a diffuse light, they recreate images with surprisingly high precision and even add some subtle dimensionality and texture to the scene,” wrote Ghassaei.

Ghassaei has posted the instructions to make your own 3D photograph here. If you can, it totally seems worth it, creating a unique piece of art out of that perfect shot, or special memory.


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