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3Dponics Offers it’s Customizer as a MakerBot-Ready App
Posted by Matt

By Noah Waldman | 3DP4E

3Dponics Inc., the first 3D-printable hydroponicssystem, is releasing its first MakerBot-Ready App:the 3Dponics Customizer. The app is currently one ofjust a few apps to be featured by MakerBot, with the goal of helping peoplediscover 3D printing in fun and educational ways.

The 3Dponics Customizer allows users to design their own custom gardens by tinkering with the shape, size and orientation of the original 3Dponics parts. The app works on any platform or any browser, and its streamlined workflow means that practically anyone can use it. When they're ready to print, their list of custom parts will be in the MakerBot-Ready Apps portal, all they have to do is start the print.

“Now that the 3Dponics Customizer is a MakerBot-Ready App, we expect more people will build 3Dponics, since getting started will be easier and faster,” said Michael Golubev, Founder and CEO of 3Dponics Inc. “Not only that, but it will be more fun and educational. We expect this app will encourage MakerBot users to take on more meaningful 3D-printing projects, to get creative with their designs and to build the most efficient 3Dponics system yet.”


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