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3D Systems and United Nude 3D Print Fashionable Foot-ware
Posted by 3DP4E

By 3DP4E

3D Printing and Fashion seem like an almost natural fit, especially when it comes to foot ware. Printing technology allows for increasingly detailed customization, and as anyone with slightly wider/thinner/longer/shorter feet knows, the current sizing system in place just doesn't cut it, which makes that ability to customize your shoe to an exact fit that much more welcome.

While a number of designers have already toyed with 3D printed shoes, and have made some impressive, if likely uncomfortable pairs of shoes; 3D Systems recent partnership with United Nude, known for their designer high heels, and previous ventures into 3D Printing, is the most exciting push in this part of the industry so far.

The partnership will utilize the 3D Systems’ consumer based Cube® 3 desktop 3D printer to print out the new ‘Float’ shoes in three separate pieces, which then carefully link together. The Float shoes will officially be unveiled on August 6, at the United Nude location in Soho, Manhattan. Here, customers will be allowed to walk into the store, customize their design, and have their shoes printed within the store.

As the Cube 3 printers can only print in rigid plastics, these shoes won't be the most comfortable, but the idea is sure to interest trendy, fashion-forward consumers, as well as those who want to take part in their shoe’s production. The Float shoes will be available at the Manhattan location as well as the United Nude website.

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