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3D-Printed Rings Display Assorted Desserts as Jewelry
Posted by 3DP4E

By Adriana Krasniansky | PSFK

Has your mother ever told you to stop playing with your food? Call her up and tell her the good news: playing with your food is now acceptable. In fact, thanks to TourDeFork’s 3D-printed food display rings, it’s actually a form of fine art.

Described as a “culinary creative consultancy,” TourDeFork is a design studio inspired by food culture. They have partnered with Italian homeware magazine Casafacile to produce The Future of DIY, a monthly series exploring 3D printing and other technologies for the home.

In each edition, TourDeFork provides simple tutorials and blueprints, which readers can take to their nearest fabrication labs (FABlabs) to customize and create.

“Foodie Rings” is the series’ second installation. Published in December 2014, it includes five laser-cut acrylic rings patterns, which—once printed—can hold fruits, sweets, cake, chocolate, and other bite-sized snacks.

Part novelty, part social commentary, Foodie Rings question our relationships with food and adornment. Fruits and snacks become personal ornaments, making what we ingest just as important—and visible—as what we wear. Jewelry, too, becomes more personal; the foods we choose to display not only reflect an aesthetic, but also lifestyle and diet.

TourDeFork founders Stephano Citi and Claudia Castaldi see their rings as lighthearted products, meant for socializing and play. Citi jokes in an interview with MOLD, “We image they [Foodie Rings] could be used at dinner parties or food events—just be careful though, they’re quite pointy!”

Great, something else for mom to worry about.

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