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3D-Printed Coffee Set Inspired By Coastal City in Norway
Posted by 3DP4E

By Leah Gonzalez | PFSK

Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte, the creative minds behind Norwegian design studio Vera & Kyte, used porcelain and lacquered metal to create their 3D-printed slow coffee tableware set, Subsea Coffee.

The slow coffee set was created as part of an Ideal Lab workshop, Replanted Identity. Replanted Identity explores how design plays in a social environment and how it figures when “local norms” merge with something different to create something new. The workshop explored three types of scenarios: Share, Adapt and Belong. Scenario Share explored the identity of having something identical created through sharing. Scenario Adapt explored remaining true to oneself while adapting to stay relevant and survive. Scenario Belong explored collective identity.

Vera & Kyte created Subsea Coffee as part of Scenario Share and the city of their inspiration was the coastal city of Florø in Norway. Norway has a large maritime industry that brings in skilled personnel and professionals from other parts of the world. The city of Florø is not immune to the changing social environment that is happening.

According to Vera & Kyte, Subsea Coffee is designed as a meeting point between the city’s local residents and its new inhabitants.

On the project page of their website, the designers wrote,

To represent the future identity of Florø we have applied the hyper functional aesthetics of subsea constructions to this tableware. We decided to work with the slow brewing of coffee as a means of taking time for social interaction. We picture this social brewing ritual being implemented as a natural part of the everyday workflow. An arena to establish a more personal relation to co-workers that can go beyond the workplace.

The slow coffee set consists of a tray, a coffee pot, a coffee dripper, coffee cups, a milk jug, and a sugar bowl.

Subsea Coffee, along with the other projects created for Replanted Identity, was first presented at the Biennale Internationale Design in Saint-Etienne, which was held last March 12 to April 12.


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